Global Business Marketing - Lynda Keeton screws seniors out of retirement

Merced, California 0 comments
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Lynda Keeton the CFO of Global Business and Zizzazz screwed me out of my retirement and stole my money!I have nothing left!

Her Felon Partners Russell Pike and David Flynn are the most horrible people I know and have DEFRAUDED me and my resources! Helll is to good for them! I invested into a company named Frontstream and then they rolled my money into a company called Zizzazz and then the next thing I know I am in a company named Global Business Marketing!

They will not give me my money back and they are not even in the same building.Lynda Keeton portrays herself as one thing and they use her for a front but the truth is she is a criminal and will be going to jail!

Review about: Zizzazz.

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